Founded in April 2021, we are an emerging grassroots movement for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. We are building trust and driving change from the bottom up. We do it through peaceful dialogue and peace activism.

We are committed to changing the terrible status quo that prevents millions of Palestinians from basic human rights, corrupts Israelis' values, and prevents the entire region from living in security and prosperity. We believe that solving the I-P conflict should be a top priority both for Israelis and Palestinians. 


Our mission is to promote peace. We believe that a joint online community of peaceful Israelis & Palestinians can drive attitudinal change at the societal level and policy change at the political level.

It is a movement based upon nonviolent activism designed to advance the termination of the occupation and to provide a foundation for relations between the two peoples subsequent to a peace agreement.

As for resolving the conflict, whether it is two states for two peoples, one joint state, or any other creative solution, we all agree that a solution must be found in which Palestinians and Jews live in freedom, equality, and security. We believe in a fair peace that is based on international law principles.


Here are the three main elements of IP4P that makes us unique:


Israelis & Palestinians for Peace (IP4P) movement is jointly led by Mor (Mori) Sela, the founder of IP4P, and Dr. Warda Sada.

Mori is an Israeli peace activist living in Kiryat Tiv'on. In addition to founding and co-leading IP4P, Mori is a steering committee member of the Israeli Forum of Peace NGOs. Mori has 25+ years of experience in high-tech entrepreneurship, business development, and product management. He served in the Israeli Air Force as a helicopter pilot.  

Warda is a Palestinian, Israeli citizen, peace activist living in Beit Jala (between Jerusalem and Bethlehem). She has been active for many years at various peace NGOs and peace initiatives. Warda holds PhD in Leadership and Educational Management and is an active educator in academia, and an inspirational leader, and a proud mother of three students.

Warda and Mori have ambitions to grow the IP4P movement and collaborate with other peace organizations to do whatever it takes to bring peace.